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Dive into a flavorful journey with La Colombina Burger, where tradition meets innovation in every bite!

Unique Taste

La Colombina: Your Passport to Colombian Flavor!

Nathaly Escobar


Welcome to La Colombina Burger, where we celebrate Colombia’s rich flavors in every bite.


Savor the Story of Flavor

Colombia's Flavors, Your Plate!

Discover the story behind our flavorful journey at La Colombina Burger. Learn how we craft our unique blend of traditional and innovative, creating a culinary experience like no other.

Experience Chefs

Fresh & Organic Foods

Any Kind Drinks & Sea Fish


We Serve Delicious Choices Tailored to Our Customers' Desires

Choose La Colombina Burger for a unique culinary adventure. We expertly blend traditional Colombian flavors with premium ingredients to create a burger that’s more than a meal – it’s an experience. Relish the harmony of our top-quality beef, spicy chorizo, creamy guacamole, and crisp plantain chips. Choose us for an unparalleled burger experience, where flavor meets passion.

Colombia Burger

Typical Colombian Food

Top Destination for Colombian Cuisine!

Select Your Favorite Colombian Delight!


Crispy, delightful Latin American tradition


Empanadas 3x

Threefold delight in handcrafted flavor.


Nat's Version Salchipapa

A personal twist on the classic savory treat


Camaron Taco

Succulent shrimp tucked in a hearty shell


Neighbor Version Hamburguesa

A friendly take on the classic burger


Choriperro Perros Calientes

An enticing fusion of chorizo and hotdog delight


Hawaiano Pastele

A tropical twist on a classic pastry delight



Refreshing fizz for a perfect palate cleanse


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